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The Products you use on your home matter. From reduce your carbon footprint, eliminating millions of tons of waste, reducing the urban heat island effect and Improving your homes indoor air quality.

Greater Good

Healthy Home Contractors are committed to the use of sustainable building products that meet or exceed building code standards. Healthier homes are good for you, your neighborhood and your environment.

American homes are experiencing a health crisis.

At a time when our homes are becoming tighter and more energy efficient than ever before, evidence shows that both new homes and remodeled homes, if not carefully designed and managed, can have insidious effects on the health of American families.

Common Costs & Health Risks Associated with your Home

With a 300% increase in Health problems associated with poor indoor air quality. Ensuring your have proper ventilation is one of the most important healthy home choices you can make. Learn More..
Petroleum based plastic products like vinyl both off gas hazardous chemicals and are non-sustainable, fiber cement can be toxic during construction. Steel siding provides ultimate protection and is 100% recyclable. Learn More..
11,000 tons of asphalt shingles are dumped into landfills each year, Metal roofs not only last longer they are one of most sustainable choices you can make.Learn More..