A sustainable roofing choice minimizes our impact on the environment through energy efficiency and longevity. Metal roofing has the added benefit of being highly recyclable at the end of its long lifecycle.

Energy Efficiency

The proper roofing material can reflect up to 70% of the sun’s rays, reducing surface temperature and overall energy costs.

Lifetime Protection

The right roofing material can last a lifetime. And when it does, that means less maintenance, better protection for the home, and less waste in the long run.

EPA – Cool Roof Technology

NASA – Urban Heat Island Effect

Providing Protection and Saving You Money

To protect the home, a roof must withstand the very worst that the local weather can throw at it. Snow, hail, rain, wind and even heat can compromise many roofing materials, but they have very little effect upon metal. Metal roofing protects homes with Class A fire resistance – particularly steel roofing. Metal roofing has long been a preferred material in areas with high population density where fire codes require the best fire protection available, or by homeowners concerned about fire safety.
Maintenance and Longevity
Avoidance of Chemicals and Off-gasing
ENERGY STAR Energy Efficiency